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Configuring a Web Proxy Server for Activation of Serial Keys


When the Ekran System Application Server is installed on a computer that is part of a local network, access to a larger-scale network such as the Internet may be performed via a proxy server. In this case, to avoid issues with serial key activation, the proxy server parameters need to be defined in the server configuration file.

To define the proxy server parameters in the server configuration file, do the following:

1. On the computer with the Ekran System Application Server installed, navigate to the folder containing the EkranServer.exe.conf file, which by default is:

C:\Program Files\Ekran System\Ekran System\Server.

2. Open the EkranServer.exe.conf file, and do one of the following:

To configure the proxy server for versions of Ekran System before 6.47.1, in the BasicHttpBinding section, define the proxy server IP address and port, and then set the useDefaultWebProxy value to false, as shown in the following example:

// <basicHttpBinding>

        <binding name="GetLicenseBinding" proxyAddress="" useDefaultWebProxy="false" />

        <binding name="GUIDDeactivationBinding" proxyAddress="" useDefaultWebProxy="false" />

        <binding name="GetLicensesByHwidBinding" proxyAddress="" useDefaultWebProxy="false" />

        <binding name="GetTrialBinding" proxyAddress="" useDefaultWebProxy="false" />

        <binding name="GetLicenseByGuidBinding" proxyAddress="" useDefaultWebProxy="false" />

        <binding name="GetActualVersionBinding" proxyAddress="" useDefaultWebProxy="false" />


[To configure the proxy server for Ekran System version 6.47.1, in the appSettings section, add the <add key="LicensingPortalProxyAddress" value="" /> line of code, as shown in the following example:


    <!-- -->

    <add key="LicensingPortalProxyAddress" value="" />

    <!-- -->


3. Restart the EkranServer service.

4. Activate the serial keys.

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