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Configuring Ekran System to Store Binary Data in Amazon S3


The article will help you configure Ekran System to write the binary data (i.e. screen captures) directly to an existing Amazon S3 storage service to be used by Ekran System to store the binary data recorded (i.e. the screen captures recorded by Ekran System while monitoring user activity on Client computers).

NOTE: For Ekran System version 7.1 or higher, it is recommended to use the new method now implemented and described in this document, instead of the old method described on the Mounting Amazon S3 as Network File Storage for Use with Binary Data Recorded by Ekran System page. 

Table of Contents

1. Configuring the Amazon S3 Storage Location

Binary data storage can be configured to be stored in existing Amazon S3 storage, by selecting the Amazon S3-like storage option, and then defining (existing and valid) values for the S3 storage in all of the 4 fields (Service Url, Bucket name, Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key).

Amazon S3 storage can be configured either while installing, or at any time after installing the Ekran System Application Server, as follows:

1. While installing the Ekran System Application Server, on the Binary Data Location page.


2. After installing Ekran System, by using the Database Parameters (DbSetupToolUI) application (which is opened by right-clicking the Server tray icon in the Notification area, and then selecting Database Parameters). 


NOTE: After defining (existing and valid) values in the fields, and clicking OK, when prompted, the user then needs to confirm restarting the Ekran System Application Server automatically.

2. Changing the Database Being Investigated

In the Ekran System Management Tool, when changing the archived database currently being investigated (on the Archived Sessions tab), enter the same parameters as defined above for the S3 storage into the additional 3 fields (i.e. Bucket name, Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key).

NOTE: The "Use separate credentials to access binary storage" option is not available when using the "Amazon S3-like storage" option.

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