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Customizing Dashboards

The layouts of dashboards are customizable, and you can choose which dashboards you want to be displayed on the Home page by using the following options:

• To add a dashboard: Click the Add button (in the top right of the page), and select the required type of dashboard in the drop-down list. Multiple dashboards of the same type can also be added to view the required information in different variations. A maximum of up to eight dashboards can be displayed at any one time on the Home page.

• To hide a dashboard: Click the

icon (in the top right corner) on any dashboard..

• To collapse/expand a dashboard: Click the

icon at the top of any dashboard (on the right of the dashboard name).

You can also choose what your dashboards will look like, by using the following options:

• To rearrange the dashboards: Click the upper gray area (at the top) on any dashboard, and drag & drop the it to a new location as required.

• To resize a dashboard: Drag & drop one of the bottom corners on any dashboard as required.

• To configure the settings for a dashboard: Click the cog (

) icon (in the top right corner) on any dashboard to change its settings.

The customization settings are user-specific and stored on the Application Server.

To restore the default settings, click the Restore Layout button (in the top right of the page).

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