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Ekran System allows the viewing of various types of information by using the dashboards displayed on the Home page (which can be viewed by clicking on the Ekran System logo in the top right of the Managment Tool interface).

NOT AVAILABLE IN SAAS NOTE: Some dashboards are also duplicated on the Health Monitoring page.

Dashboards provide you with a convenient real-time view of the most important data, where several types of dashboards available.

Using the dashboards, you can view several types of data grouped in one place.

The dashboards are customizable, with the customization settings stored on the Application Server. So if you log into the Management Tool from any other computer, your dashboards will appear the same as you have previously customized them.

You can choose which dashboards to show or hide, rearrange and re-size the dashboards on the screen, and add several dashboards of the same type to see the same data in different variations, etc.

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