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Default Alerts

The Management Tool contains a set of default alerts which are triggered when different kinds of potentially harmful actions are performed on Client computers, such as when certain applications are used and certain websites visited on Windows Client computers, and for important commands executed on Linux Client computers.

The default alerts are automatically added when the Ekran System Application Server is installed or updated to a new version. These alerts are enabled by default, but are not assigned to any Clients. You can assign an alert to Clients by clicking the Edit Alert (

) icon next to the required alert (on the right) to open the Edit Alert page, and then selecting the required Clients in the Assigned Clients section, or while editing multiple alerts. Default alerts have the High risk level by default.

You can do the following with default alerts:

• Enable/disable them.

• Change the alert risk level.

• Define the notification options.

• Enable the displaying of a warning message, blocking the user, or killing the process.

• Delete them.


To hide the default alerts, select the Hide Default option from the Hide None drop-down list in the top left of the Alert Management page.

Default alerts can be divided into four categories, and are listed as such on the following pages:

• Fraudulent Activity

• Data Leakage

• Potentially Illicit Activity

• Non-Work-Related Activity


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