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Issues with Monitored Sessions

Possible issues with monitoring sessions are listed below, along with information about their possible causes and how to resolve them.


I have logged in to the Management Tool, but cannot see any captured data from the Windows Client.

Contact the administrator and check if you have the Viewing Monitoring Results permission for the Client.


Some screen captures are blank.

If a user types something continuously, stops typing, and then switches the window within 3 seconds, the keystrokes will be attached to a blank screen capture.

If a user accesses the Client computer via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and minimizes the remote desktop connection window, a blank screen captures is created.


Client sessions contain no screen captures at all.

Check that the Enable screen capture recording along with user activity recording option is selected on the required Client, by opening the Client Management page, and clicking on the name of the required Client to open the Editing Client page, and then selecting the User Activity Recording tab.


Some screen captures look like they consist of two (or more) parts.

There are two (or more) monitors on the Client computer and you see the screen captures from all of them.


The Text Data column is empty, although text was copied, cut, or pasted on the Client computer.

Check that you have Viewing Text Data permission for this Client.

Check that the Enabled clipboard monitoring checkbox is selected in the Client configuration.


The screen captures are sent more frequently than I defined.

If you have enabled options in the Client configuration other than Record user activity periodically, the screen captures may be created more frequently depending on user activity. Check the Client configuration.


The screen capture image is blurry.

The Client computer may have smooth interface animation, and the screen capture may have been recorded when animation was in progress.


The screen capture image is in grayscale.

The Client is configured to capture the screen in grayscale (rather than color) images. Check the Client configuration in the Management Tool.


The screen capture time does not correspond to the time on my computer.

The screen capture time corresponds to the time displayed on the Client computer.


The screen capture time does not correspond to the time that should be displayed on the Client computer.

Check that the Client computer's time settings have not been changed.

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