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Medium Deployments (Up to 1,000 Concurrent Sessions)

The Application Server:

• CPU: 8-16 cores

• RAM: 8-16 GB

• It is recommended to deploy Ekran System in High Availability mode using a Microsoft failover cluster.

The database:

• CPU: 8-16 cores

• RAM: 24-32 GB

• It is recommended to store binary data in a shared or local folder.

• [If binary data is stored in a shared or local folder] Operating System hard disk: 100-200 GB (15K or SSD).

• It is highly recommended to configure an SQL Server failover cluster.


• A 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter (a 10 Gbps Ethernet adapter is recommended).

The Management Tool:

• CPU: 4-8 cores

• RAM: 4 GB

• A 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter

• It is recommended to install the Management Tool on a separate computer.


Capacity per month (TB):


Full-Day Activity (24/7)

40-Hour Working Week, 24 Work Days per Month

Default settings



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