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Migration of the Application Server


To move the Application Server to another computer, do the following:

1. Back up the Ekran System Master Certificate (EkranMasterCertificate), and copy it on the new server machine (please refer to the Backing up the Ekran System Master Certificate and Importing the Ekran System Master Certificate pages in this Knowledge Base).

2. Install Ekran System, and while doing this, specify the database previously used (if a binary folder is used, this folder needs to be first transferred to the new machine, and then specified during the installation process).

3. If you change the server's hostname or IP address, you need to also change these values on the Client machines, which can be done by opening the Registry Editor, and in the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EkranSystem\Client folder, modifying the RemoteHost value by entering the new IP address or hostname (or both, separating them by a semicolon).

NOTE: This step cannot be performed if Protected Mode is enabled, so Protected Mode first needs to be disabled before making any changes. 


4. To change the IP address on a Linux Client, enter the /etc/.ekran/settings.xml command using the text editor, then find the RemoteHost value and modify it accordingly.


5. All data will remain in your database, and the Ekran System settings will remain saved in the database, so you will only need to connect the new server to the existing database.

NOTE: After making any changes to the configuration of the Client machine (in Steps 3 and 4), it first needs to be restarted before the changes will be applied.

NOTE: If you do not want to change the IP address or hostname manually, you can reinstall your Clients using the .exe + .ini files.

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