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Receiving Notifications on Error Events

To receive notifications when error events occurclick the Configuration (

) button (at the top of the Management Tool interface), and then select the Email Sending Settings tab.

Scroll down to the Health Monitoring Notifications section to define the following options:

• Send notifications about error events: Select this checkbox to notify investigators of every error event immediately.

• Minimal interval between the same error events (min): This option specifies how frequently notifications about the same error events are sent. For example, if this parameter is set to 5 minutes and the same error events occurs during this period of time, the investigator will receive only one notification every 5 minutes (which includes information on the error event, and how many times the event occurred during the period) instead of multiple notifications during this time. The default value is 10 minutes.

• Send notification in case of no error events: This checkbox can be selected to allow notifications to be sent in the case that no error events are written to the Health Monitoring log. You can specify how frequently the notifications are sent in the Send notification in case of no error events every (hours) field below it. The default value is 6 hours.

• Email: In this field, enter an email address to which notifications will be sent (multiple email addresses can be entered, separated by semicolons).

To save the settings, click the Save button (in the bottom right of the page).

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