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Scheduled Reports

The Management Tool allows the generation of reports automatically, at any time and frequency specified when setting up Scheduled Report rules, as well as the sending of the reports to specified email addresses.

Any Scheduled Report rule can also be run manually at any time, by the user who set it up (i.e. added it to the list of rules on the Scheduled Reports tab).

The report generation functionality is only available to users with the administrative Client Installation and Management permission.

The report generation and sending parameters are defined in Scheduled Report rules, which include the following parameters:

• The rule state (enabled/disabled).

• The rule name and (optional) description.

• The report types and format.

NOTE: If more than one report type is selected, separate reports will be generated and separate emails will be received for each report type.

• The time and day when the reports are to be generated, and the frequency of generation (daily, weekly, or monthly).

• The time period (full day, work hours, or outside of work hours) for which the reports is to be generated.

• The email addresses to which the reports will be sent.

• The users who will be able to download the reports generated.

• The Clients / Client groups to which the rule is to be applied.

• Users of the Client computers to be included in the reports generated.

The Scheduled Report rules set up are displayed in the grid on the Scheduled Reports tab (on the Reports page), which contains the following columns:

• Name

• Description

• Assigned To

• Monitored Users

• State

• Frequency

• Email Recipients

• Generate Report (

) icon

• Edit Rule (

) icon

NOTE: Only the user who added (i.e. the owner of) the Scheduled Report rule or the "admin" user, can edit or delete the rule, since the "Edit rule" icon is not displayed (on the Scheduled Reports tab) to other users.

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