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User activity can be analyzed with the help of reports generated using the Management Tool.

These reports allow you to receive information on the activity of multiple Clients, alert events, URLs detected, and Linux commands executed, and get statistics on the time spent by users using each application and on each webpage.

Scheduled reports can either be generated automatically and sent by email at a specified time and frequency, or the Report Generator can be used to manually generate ad hoc one-time reports, which can be saved or printed. Reports can also be generated manually at any time from an existing Scheduled Report rule.

Reports can be generated in any of the following formats: PDF (*.pdf), Web Page (*.html), Single File Web Page (*.mht), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Plain Text (*.txt), Excel Workbook (*.xlsx), Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls), XPS Document (*.xps), CSV Document (*.csv), and XML (*.xml).

NOTE: To view Japanese characters in exported PDF reports, the Arial Unicode MS font must be installed on the Ekran System Application Server and Management Tool computers, and then they need to be rebooted. New reports generated will then display Japanese characters properly.

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