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Selecting Computers


To select the computers for Client installation, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the administrative Client installation and Management permission.

2. Click the Client Management navigation link on the left.

3. On the Client Management page, click the Install Clients button (in the top right).


4. On the Computers Without Clients page that opens, you can see any computers for which previous installations failed in the list displayed.


5. Select how you would like to search for the computers where you want to install the Windows Clients:

 To select the computers from the list of all computers in your network, click the Deploy via Network Scan button at the top.

 To select computers by IP range (IPv4 or IPv6 addresses), click the Deploy via IP Range button at the top.

 To select computers by their names, click the Deploy on Specific Computers button at the top.

6. In the Choose Search Results window:

 Click Start New Search to search for computers with defined parameters.

 Click Previous Search Results to choose the computers found in the previous search. If you have not yet performed any searches, this button will not be displayed.


7. If you have selected the Deploy via IP Range option, the Computers Scan page opens. In the From Address and To Address fields, enter the IP range (either IPv4 or IPv6) for which the network should be scanned. To find only one computer, enter the same IP address in both fields, and click Scan.


8. If you have selected the Deploy on Specific Computers option, the Adding Computers page opens. Enter the names of the computers, separating them by semicolons, on which Windows Clients need to be installed in the Name field and click Scan.

NOTE: You need to enter the full name of the computer.


9. The scanning process starts, and the list of computers found will be updated automatically. If it is not updated for some reason, click Refresh, or to stop the scanning process, click Stop.


10. When scanning is complete, select the checkboxes next to the computers that you want to install the Clients on, and click Next.


11. The selected computers are then added to the list on the Computers Without Clients page.


12. If you want to remove any computers from this list, click the Remove from list (

) icon next to the selected computer (or the Remove All in the column header).

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