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Installing Windows Clients

NOTE: In Saas deployments, the Windows Client can only be installed locally.

NOT AVAILABLE IN SAAS During system deployment, remote installation of Windows Clients is used. Remote installation of Clients is performed by using the Management Tool. To ensure successful remote installation of Windows Clients, you need to set up the network environment beforehand. If your computers belong to a workgroup, but not to a domain, you need to know the administrator account credentials for each remote computer in that workgroup. Otherwise, if the computer is in a domain, knowing the domain administrator credentials is sufficient.

Windows Clients can also be installed locally by using the installation package generated using the Management Tool. This allows you to distribute the installation package of the Client with predefined settings to all the network computers and install it. This kind of installation is useful if you experience difficulties when installing Clients remotely using the Management Tool, or where the computers in your network are part of a workgroup and do not have the same administrative account for each computer.

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