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Viewing a Secret's Password

The View Password functionality allows Management Tool users who have the Owner or Editor permissions for an account secret, to allow specific users of the secret to view and copy the secret's password (i.e. which is also the password of the account that the secret connects to) in a secure way.

Table of Contents

1. Allowing Users to View a Secret's Password

To allow specific users of a secret to view (and copy) a secret's password, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the Management Tool Access administrative permission.

2. Add a new secret, or edit an existing secret as a user as the Owner or Editor Role Type permissions for the secret.

3. On the Users & Permissions tab, do both of the following:

Click the Add button, and add the required users / user groups (who will be able to use the secret in the Ekran System Connection Manager).

• For each of the users / user groups added:

- In the Role Type column, select the Role Type permissions (Owner, Editor, or PAM User) required.

In the View Password (

) column, select the checkboxes (
) next to the required users / user groups (to allow these users to view and copy the password in the Ekran System Connection Manager).


4. Click the Save button (in the bottom right) to save the secret.

2. Viewing a Secret's Password

To view (and copy) a secret's password in the Ekran System Connection Manager, do the following:

1. In the Ekran System Connection Manager, click either the Copy (

) or View (
) icon displayed in the Password column for the required secret, and then in the pop-up window that opens, re-enter the password for your user account that is currently logged on to the computer with the Ekran System Connection Manager (for secondary user authentication, if used), and click the OK button (after which the user's password is valid for 1 minute for the user to view or copy the secret's password without having to re-enter it again).


2. If the View (

) icon was clicked (above), then both:

• The password is visible for 5 seconds (after which it is automatically hidden), and if it is not fully visible (i.e. truncated, because it too long to be fully displayed in the available space), hover over the password to display a hint in which the full password is visible.

• The View (

) icon is crossed out (i.e. with a line though the eye) for 5 seconds, and during this time can be clicked to hide the password immediately.


3. If the Copy (

) icon was clicked (above), when hovering over the icon, a "Copied to clipboard" hint then shows that the password has been copied.


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