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Small Deployments (Up to 200 Concurrent Sessions)

The Application Server:

• CPU: 4-8 cores

• RAM: 8-16 GB

The database:

• CPU: 4-8 cores

• RAM: 16 GB


• A 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter (a 10 Gbps Ethernet adapter is recommended).

The Management Tool:

• CPU: 4-8 cores

• RAM: 4 GB

• A 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter


Capacity per month (for 200 Client sessions):


Full-Day Activity (24/7)

40-Hour Working Week, 24 Work Days per Month

Default Settings

5.25 TB

1.4 TB

The values stated above are equivalent to: 1 Client session generates an average of approx. 300 MB per 8-hour day, or just 37 MB per hour)

NOTE: The amount of data sent to the Application Server can be reduced in a variety of ways on the Client computers, such as by changing the default settings of the Windows Clients or macOS Clients (e.g. the user activity recording, monitoring, and various filtering parameters) to only record user activity on the Client computers under certain conditions, and for Linux Clients by defining separate function calls or command output to be skipped or limited while monitoring. On Windows Clients, various additional options (Bandwidth Usage Reduction Parameters) can also be used to reduce the amount of data that the Client records and sends to the Application Server.  

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