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The Audio Recording Parameter

The Audio Recording option allows the recording of audio data on Windows Client computers.

NOTE: This features is not available in all regions and is not available by default, and can only be activated by contacting your Ekran System vendor or the Ekran System Support Team, and is also only available with an activated serial key for the Enterprise Edition of Ekran System.

If the Enable audio recording checkbox is selected (on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page, on the Monitoring [Windows/macOS] tab, scroll down to the Audio Settings section) to enable this option, all input sounds and output sounds played on the Client computer will be monitored and recorded.

Audio data can be monitored and recorded in the following applications:

• Skype (desktop application and web version)

• Slack

• Zoom

• Viber

• WhatsApp

• Mozilla Firefox

• Google Chrome

• Internet Explorer

Audio can be played back while viewing monitored Client sessions in the Session Player, and can (optionally) be included in a Forensic Export.

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