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The Offline Cache Size Parameter

The Client writes monitoring data to a local cache and automatically sends it to the Application Server. In case there is no connection with the Application Server computer (i.e. the Application Server is unavailable), the Client temporarily stores the monitored data in the local cache and automatically sends it to the Application Server as soon as the connection is restored.

To modify the "Offline cache size (MB)" parameter, on the Editing Client / Editing Client Group page, select the Monitoring (Linux) tab, and in the Advanced Options section (at the top), define the size of the Client’s offline cache so as to control the Client’s disk space usage (where the default value is 100 MB).

When the amount of monitoring data stored on the Client computer reaches the defined limit, the Client will stop writing data to the offline cache.

NOTE: It is recommended to set the offline cache size to no less than 50 MB.

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