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Updating the Application Server


Updating the Ekran System Application Server is performed using a newer version of the Ekran System Application Server installation file. During the update you can select either to update the existing database to a newer version or to simply reinstall it.

To update the Application Server, do the following:

1. Run the EkranSystem_Server.exe installation file of the latest version of Ekran System.

2. In the Setup Wizard that opens, click Next on the Welcome page.


3. On the License Agreement page, read the End User License Agreement carefully, and then click I agree.


4. On the Already Installed page, select Update/Add/Remove components, and then click Next.


5. On the Database Update page, if you want to keep the existing database, select Update database to a new version, or otherwise select Reinstall the database and instead follow the appropriate steps when installing the Application Server.


NOTE: To change the type of database, the whole system needs to be reinstalled.

6. Click Next, and the update process starts.


7. When the update process is complete, click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.


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