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Client Permissions

Client permissions allow specific Clients to be assigned to users, and the permissions the users have for these Clients to be defined.

NOTE: If a user does not have the administrative Client Installation and Management permission, in the Management Tool, they will only see those Clients which they have at least one Client permission for.

NOTE: Client permissions can only be defined for each Client or Client group individually.

The following Client permissions are available, and can be granted to /revoked from a user (or user group) while adding/editing the user (or user group):

• [Windows and macOS Clients only:] Client Uninstallation: Allows the user to uninstall the Client (or all the Clients in the Client group).

NOTE: If a user attempts to uninstall Clients which they do not have the Client uninstallation permission for, the user is forcibly logged out, and the Client is not uninstalled.

• Client Configuration Management: Allows the user to define the Client configuration (except the license assigned).

• Viewing Monitoring Results: Allows the user to:

View the list of monitored Client sessions and the forensic export results.

View the Client configuration.

Generate reports.

- Generate dashboards (on the Dashboards page) containing data from the Client sessions.

NOTE: For the user to be able to open the monitored sessions of Clients so as to view the screen captures and metadata recorded, they also need to have the administrative Viewing Monitoring Results permission.

• [Windows and macOS Clients only:] Viewing Text Data: Allows the user to view clipboard text data recorded during Client monitoring.

• [Windows and Linux Clients only:] Access to Endpoint via Secondary Auth: Allows the user to log in to the Client computer with secondary user authentication enabled.

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