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How Can I Activate Serial Keys Offline?


If you do not have an Internet connection on the computer on which your license serial key is to be activated (or updated), it can instead be activated on the website, and then added in the Management Tool in offline mode.

To do this, follow the instructions on the website:

After the serial key is activated, to add it in the Management Tool in offline mode, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user of the Administrators user group.

2. Click the Configuration (

) button (at the top of the Management Tool interface).

3. On the Serial Key Management tab that opens, click the Activate Product Offline button.

4. On the Activated Serial Key Adding page, click the Choose File button, and select the .txt file containing the activated serial key.


NOTE: To get the file with the offline activation key, please contact your partner or the Ekran System Support team.

5. Click the Add button. 

6. The serial key is then displayed on the Serial Key Management page, along with the number and types of Client licenses and the Update & Support period end date. If there are both licensed and unlicensed Clients in your network, and you want to assign licenses the rest of the Clients, you need to assign a license to each of the remaining unlicensed Clients manually.

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