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Reassigning Licenses Between Clients

Ekran System is currently the only such product on the market to offer floating endpoint licensing. This unique functionality allows licenses to be reassigned between Clients both manually at any time, and automatically.

In Multi-Tenant mode, when licenses are reassigned between Clients (either automatically or manually), the licenses always remain in the same tenant, unless the admin user of the built-in default tenant moves them between tenants manually.

Reassignment of licenses can be done in any of the following ways (or in all of them at the same time):

• Manual Reassignment: Reassignment of Client licenses between endpoint machines can be done manually at any time in just a couple of clicks, in the same way as when assigning/unassigning licenses to/from Clients.

• Automatic Reassignment: There are two different types of functionality for automatic license reassignment:

- NOT AVAILABLE IN SAAS Using the Delete offline Clients without sessions option (on the Configuration Management page, on the Database Management tab, at the bottom of the Archive Parameters section): Allows licenses to be unassigned automatically whenever there are any offline Clients without any session records. If the checkbox is selected to enable this option, the system will automatically delete offline Clients whenever they do not have any Client sessions stored (e.g. after a database Cleanup operation), and return the licenses from these Clients to the pool of available licenses.

- Using a golden image (for virtual desktops): Floating endpoint licensing can also be automated to dynamically reassign licenses between virtual desktops. When a new Windows-based desktop is created and deployed using a golden image (please refer to the Enabling Golden Image Mode for the Application Server page), the Client is registered and gets a license from the pool of available licenses automatically. Whenever the Client machine is shut down, the license is released and returns back to the pool. In this way, for VMware or Citrix desktop monitoring, you only need the amount of Ekran System Workstation Client licenses corresponding to the maximum possible number of simultaneously active virtual desktops at any one time.

NOTE: It is recommended to select the "Delete offline Clients without sessions" checkbox (on the Configuration page, on the Database Management tab) to enable this option, so as to prevent accumulation of obsolete offline Clients by purging them automatically whenever they do not have any Client sessions stored (e.g. after a database cleanup operation) and to return the licenses from these Clients to the pool of available licenses.

NOTE: For effective use of floating licenses, make sure you assign the appropriate type of licenses (Workstation, Infrastructure Server, or Terminal Server) to your Clients, depending on your network configuration. However, when the appropriate type of license is not available, a license of a “higher” type can be assigned instead (e.g. a Terminal Server license can be assigned instead of a Workstation license or an Infrastructure Server license).

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