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Installing Windows Clients Remotely Using PsExec


To install the Windows Client remotely using PsExec, do the following:

1. Download the PsTools package, and unpack it.

2. Download the Client installation file.

3. Copy both the installation file and PsExec.exe to the same folder.

4. Run the command prompt (cmd.exe) as administrator.

5. Navigate to the folder containing the installation file and PsExec.exe by entering the following command: cd path/to/folder

6. Enter the following command into the command line:

psexec.exe -i\\<target PC IP> -u <user name> -p < password> -c -f <Path_to_the_EkranClient>EkranSystemClient.exe /servername=<server name/IP>, and then press Enter.

    The parameters have the following meanings:

<target_PC_IP>: The IP address of the computer on which the Windows Client is to be installed.

-u <user name>: The user name for logging in to the target computer (administrator permissions are required).

-p < password>: The password of the user (if you omit this parameter, you will be prompted to enter the password after command execution).

-c EkranSystemClient.exe: The Client installation file.

/servername=<server name/IP>: The name or IP address of the Ekran System Application Server to which the Windows Client will be connected.

/TenantKey=<tenantkey>: The Tenant on which the Windows Client is to be installed (if are using the Multi-Tenant mode and you need to install Windows Client to the non-default tenant).

    NOTE: If the Virtual Local Area Networks are different, it is necessary to ping the Application Server from the Client computer.

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