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Searching, Filtering and Sorting the Metadata

To find the required data in the Metadata grid, the following functionality can be used to search the records in the session:

• Searching

• Filtering by columns

• Sorting

After searching/filtering/sorting the data in the grid, the Session Player switches to Filtered Mode, and can be toggled back to reset (i.e. cancel) the searching/filtering/sorting at any time by clicking the Back to Synced Mode button (and then back again to the previous searched/filtered/sorted state by clicking the Back to Filtered Mode button).


The Search box allows you to find data containing keywords (i.e. search expressions) in the following types of data:

• Activity Title

• Application Name

• Keystrokes

• Clipboard Text Data

• USB Device Info


• Linux Commands

• Linux Command Parameters

• Linux Function Calls

NOTE: For Linux Client SSH Sessions, additional functionality is also available for viewing and filtering the data in the Metadata grid.

To find the required metadata, enter a keyword (or part of a keyword) into the Search box, and the data is dynamically filtered according to the search expression entered.

Filtering by Columns

To sort the records in the session, click on the Filter icon in any of the column headers, and then select then required options.

Data in multiple columns can be filtered, by filtering each column required one-by-one.


To sort the metadata in the Metadata grid, click the required column header.

The column sort order can also be changed from ascending to descending (and vice versa) by clicking the corresponding column header (with the Sort arrow indicating the order - either up or down).

NOTE: If the data has not been sorted by a column, the Sort arrow is not shown in the column header.

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