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VDI Monitoring

Apart from monitoring on physical endpoints, Ekran System also supports virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), and allows monitoring of virtual desktops and user session recording on a wide-range of VDI platforms, including the popular private cloud and DaaS solutions described below.

Private Cloud Solutions

VMware Horizon

Ensure VMware Horizon workspace monitoring and session recording on desktops and apps deployed on-premises or in the cloud, including in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Add an Ekran System Client to your Microsoft Hyper-V master image to monitor and record any sessions that connect to a monitored server.


Deploy Ekran System Clients to monitor Citrix XenDesktop installations, or install a Terminal Server Client to control Citrix XenApp applications. 

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solutions

Windows Virtual Desktop

As an official Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop value-add partner, Ekran System easily integrates into your Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

To effectively monitor and record sessions on Windows virtual desktops and Microsoft Azure RemoteApp, we recommend installing an Ekran System Client on live desktops or adding it to VDI master images. This will enable seamless session monitoring and recording capabilities in these environments. By implementing the Ekran System Client, you can ensure comprehensive session security and obtain valuable insights into user activities. 

Add an Ekran System Client to your Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC to monitor and record user activities.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Monitor and record user activity on various Amazon WorkSpaces desktops, including Windows-based Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon Linux 2, as well as both Amazon AppStream 2.0 desktop and remote application modes. 

Manage activity on Windows Server 2016 machines that power your AWS infrastructure.

This wide-ranging list of monitored virtual platforms, in addition to supporting physical Windows and Linux endpoints, also allows you to monitor user activity across your entire infrastructure with one VDI monitoring solution.

VDI Monitoring with Floating Endpoint Licenses

Ekran System uses a floating endpoint licensing approach to allow redistribution of licenses between endpoints in a couple of clicks, or automatically. 

This means that for example, for VMware and Citrix desktop auditing, only a sufficient number of Ekran System Workstation licenses to cover the maximum number of active desktops at any given time need to be purchased.

Ekran System can automatically distribute licenses between dynamically changing virtual desktops (by using a golden image on the Application Server or a non-persistent VDI on the Clients). This makes the cost of VDI user monitoring transparent, and the process itself easily manageable. To automate license provisioning, an Ekran System Client needs to be added to your virtual machine master image. New desktops will then be created with Ekran System Clients already installed on them. Whenever a virtual desktop is launched, the Client will automatically be assigned a license from the general license pool and start monitoring activity on the new endpoint. When an administrator shuts down the endpoint, the license is released and returns to the pool.

NOTE: It is recommended to select the "Delete offline Clients without sessions" checkbox (on the Configuration page, on the Database Management tab) to enable this option, so as to prevent accumulation of obsolete offline Clients by purging them automatically whenever they do not have any Client sessions stored (e.g. after a database cleanup operation) and to return the licenses from these Clients to the pool of available licenses.

NOTE: For effective use of floating licenses, make sure you assign the appropriate type of licenses (Workstation, Infrastructure Server, or Terminal Server) to your Clients, depending on your network configuration. When the appropriate type of license is not available, a license of a “higher” type can be assigned instead (e.g. a Terminal Server license can be assigned instead of a Workstation license or Infrastructure Server license).

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