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Viewing Disconnected Clients

Disconnected Clients (i.e. Clients that have been offline for more than the specified time period) can be viewed on the Offline Clients tab by users with the administrative Client Installation and Management permission.

In Multi-Tenant mode, tenant users can only view Clients of their own tenant.

To view the disconnected Clients, click the Health Monitoring navigation link on the left, and then select the Offline Clients tab.

Information about the current status of the Clients is displayed on the Clients dashboard (at the top of the page).

A list of all the Clients that have been offline for more than the specified time period is displayed in the form of a grid which contains the following information in the corresponding columns:

• Date: The time when the Client was either detected as disconnected or came back online.

• Category: The online or offline status of the Client.

• Source: The name of the Client.

• Details: The time at which the Client was detected as disconnected (for disconnected Clients), or the time at which the Client came back online again (for online Clients).

• Remove All: Allows the deletion of information about the Client.

You can change the size of the columns, as well as filter and sort the information about the disconnected Clients in the grid.

The following filters are displayed:

• When: Allows filtering of the Clients by the time period. The resulting list of Clients contains all Clients for the defined period. To define the time period, select one of the following options, and then click the Apply button:

- Specify the time period required for the Within the last number of hours, days, weeks, or months.

- Specify the Between start date and end date of the time period required.

• Category: Allows filtering of the records by a specific category.

• Source: Allows filtering of the records about specific Clients.

• Details: Allows filtering of the records about specific details.

To sort Clients in the Disconnected Clients grid, click the required column header. You can change the column sort order from ascending to descending, and vice versa. To do this, click the Sort arrow in the corresponding column header on the right.

If the data is not sorted by a column, the Sort arrow is not shown in the column header.

To export the filtered data, click the Offline Clients

 tab, and select Export Filtered Records, and then in the Save As window that opens, browse to the location where you want the data to be saved, and click Save.

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