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Viewing URLs Visited

If the URL monitoring option is enabled (for Windows and macOS Clients), then each time user activity is recorded while a browser is being used, the URL is saved and displayed in the URL column in the Metadata grid.

If multiple records are made while the user is viewing one page on a certain website, then all of them will contain the same URL information.

NOTE: If the Enable screen capture recording along with user activity recording checkbox is not selected to enable this option on the Client, the sessions of this Client will not contain any screen captures.

The URL column contains only top and second-level domain names even if the Monitor top and second-level domain names only checkbox to enable this option (on the Editing Client page, on the Monitoring [Windows/macOS] tab, in the URL Monitoring section) is not selected in the URL monitoring settings for the Client. The full URL is displayed in the Details area.

NOTE: Since getting a URL to be monitored may take approximately 600 milliseconds, there is a possibility that the screen capture and its activity title along with the URL may not be properly synchronized in the Session Viewer (e.g. the user may see a screen capture with a URL that belongs to the previous screen capture).

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