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Configuring the Windows Client Using Azure Intune


This article provides instructions on how to configure the Ekran System Windows Client, and deploy it remotely on devices (i.e. Client computers) in a Microsoft Azure infrastructure using Azure Intune. This deployment method allows the use of the Client EXE file.

Table of Contents

1. Prerequisites

 Windows 10 version 1607 or higher.

 Devices must be enrolled in both Intune, and either:

Azure AD registered;

Azure AD joined;

- or Hybrid Azure AD joined.

 Download the Ekran System Client for Windows OS from the Ekran System Management Tool (where instructions can be found on the Generating the Windows Client Installation Package page).

2. Configuration

2.1. Create an IntuneWin file using the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool:

1. Create an empty folder on your computer (e.g. with the name EkranClientInstall).

2. Copy the EkranSystemClient.exe file (downloaded from the Management Tool) to this folder.


3. Download the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool, and install it.

4. Create another empty folder (e.g. C:\output).

5. Repackage the EkranClientInstall folder into a .intunewin file by using the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe tool in the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool with the following command:

.\IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\EkranClientInstall\" -s EkranSystemClient.exe -o C:\output


6. After running the command, the EkranSystemClient.intunewin file should be displayed in the C:\output folder.


2.2. Create a Windows App (Win32) package on Intune:

1. Log in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.

2. In the Apps section, select All Apps.

3. Click + Add, and then select Windows app (Win32) in the App type drop-down menu in the Select app type pane (on the right).


4. Click on Select app package file, and then select the EkranSystemClient.intunewin file, and click OK.


5. On the App information tab, enter the required details about the application (in the Name, Description, and Publisher fields), and then click Next



NOTE: You can get this information from the Details tab in the Properties of the original EkranSystemClient.exe file.


6. On the Program tab, specify the following values in the corresponding fields, and then click Next

 Install command: EkranSystemClient.exe /ServerName=<IP/Hostname> /TenantKey=tenantkey (where IP/Hostname needs to be replaced by the IP address or hostname of EkranServerAPP, and tenantkey by a tenant key if required).

 Uninstall command: C:\Program Files\Ekran System\Ekran System\UninstallClient.exe /key=<uninstallation_key> (where "<uninstallation key>" needs to be replaced by the actual Uninstallation key).

 Install behavior: System.

 Device restart behavior: No specific action.


7. On the Requirements tab, select the following values in the corresponding fields, and then click Next.

 Operating system architecture: 64-bit.

 Minimum operating system: The operating system version used in your environment (e.g. Windows 10 1607).


8. On the Detection rules tab, select Manually configure detection rules in the Rules format drop-down menu, and then click + Add to add a detection rule, and select the following values in the corresponding fields in the Detection rule pane (on the right):

 Rule type: File.

 Path: C:\Program Files\Ekran System\Ekran System.

 File or folder: UninstallClient.exe.

 Detection method: File or folder exists.

 Associated with a 32-bit app on 64-bit clients: No.


9. Create an Azure AD Security Group that includes the users or devices where this application package needs to be deployed.

NOTE: If you add users to the list, the application will be deployed to all devices joined to Azure and enrolled in Intune for those users, or if you want to deploy the app to specific devices, add the devices instead of users to the Azure AD Security Group.

10. Make sure you add the Group to the Required section, so as to install the application on the users' systems as soon as possible, by selecting the Groups for which you want to make this app required.

NOTE: Required apps are automatically installed on enrolled devices, and some platforms may have additional prompts for the end user to acknowledge before app installation begins.

11. To deploy the app to all end user devices, click on + Add to target all the devices enrolled in Intune.


12. On the Review + Create tab, save the application, which will then initiate the process of uploading the .intunewin file and start the deployment process.

13. Once the process is complete, a new app will be displayed on the All apps tab, and the Ekran System Client is then deployed to all the selected machines.


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