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Generating Reports Manually from a Scheduled Report Rule

Once a Scheduled Report rule has been set up (i.e. added to the list of rules on the Scheduled Reports tab), you can use it to generate reports manually at any time.

To generate a report manually from an existing Scheduled Report rule, do the following:

1. Log in to the Management Tool as a user with the administrative Client Installation and Management permission.

2. Click the Reports navigation link (on the left), and select the Scheduled Reports tab.

3. Click the Generate Report (

) icon next to the required Scheduled Report rule (on the right).

4. On the Generate Reports tab that opens, a list of the reports generated (and being generated) is displayed, and as soon as any report has finished being generated:

• It can be downloaded by clicking the Download (

) icon next to it (on the right).

NOTE: The Download icon is only displayed to users who are allowed to download the report, as specified in the "Who can download" section (in the Scheduled Report rule), and who also have the administrative Viewing Monitoring Results permission.

• If the Emails field in the Scheduled Report rule contains any email addresses, the report will be sent to those addresses.

NOTE: If a report is not yet displayed on the Generated Reports tab, it is still being generated, and the F5 key can be used to reload the page.

NOTE: A Scheduled Report rule does not need to be enabled for reports to be generated from it manually, so even if it is disabled, it can still be used to generate reports manually as described on this page. 

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