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Latest Live Sessions

The Latest Live Sessions dashboard contains a grid that displays the list of the sessions which are currently live and were most-recently started.

The dashboard is updated every 5 minutes.

The grid contains the following columns:

• Play: Click the 

 button next the required session to open it in the Session Viewer.


Client Name

User Name

The following settings can be configured for this dashboard, by clicking the cog (

) icon (in the top right):

• Number of sessions: The number of most-recent sessions to be displayed in the list.

Only information about the Clients that the user has the Viewing Monitoring Results permission for Clients for is displayed in the dashboard. If you do not have this permission for any of the Clients, you will see an empty dashboard with a message saying that you do not have the permissions for viewing this data. Also in this case, the dashboard will not be displayed in the drop-down list when clicking the Add button (in the top right of the page).


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