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Logging into a Client Computer with Administrator Approval

The process of logging in to a Client computer with the approval of a trusted user (i.e. Approver) is as follows:

1. The user logs in to a computer with the Client installed in the usual way (either locally or remotely).

2. If secondary user authentication is enabled, the user enters their secondary credentials.

3. If the additional message on login option is enabled, the user acknowledges it, and if the corresponding options are enabled, the user also comments on the message and enters a valid ticket number.

4. The user's request is then sent to the email addresses of the specified trusted users (i.e. Approvers) and is also displayed on the Access Requests tab on the Access Management page, so an Approver can then process the access request either by using the link in the email or by way of the Access Requests page.

5. The trusted user (i.e. Approver) either clicks the Approve button next to the access request (and then clicks Confirm in the pop-up window that opens) and the user then logs in to the Client computer, or the trusted user clicks the Deny link (and the user is not allowed to log in).

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