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License Management

Client license management is performed using the Management Tool by a user with the administrative Client Installation and Management and License Management permissions.

license can be assigned/unassigned to/from a Client manually at any time "on the fly". Licenses can be assigned to offline Clients, in which case, the license will be applied as soon as the Client comes online. If a Client is uninstalled, the corresponding license is freed up automatically, and can then be assigned to another Client. Licenses can also be reassigned between Clients automatically.

NOT AVAILABLE IN SAAS In Multi-Tenant mode, after a serial key is activated, the administrator of the built-in default tenant (i.e. the technician) must first grant the licenses contained in the serial keys to the tenants. The administrator of each tenant can then manage the licenses, by assigning/unassigning them to/from the Clients in their tenant in the usual way. This means that when licenses are reassigned between Clients (either automatically or manually), the licenses always remain in the same tenant, unless the administrator of the default tenant moves them between tenants manually. To grant the licenses to the tenants, the technician must have the administrative Tenant Management and System Configuration permission. Information about the number and type of licenses granted to each tenant and assigned to Clients can be viewed by the technician on the Serial Key Management page, on the Licenses Granted tab.

NOTE: Each Client can only have one license assigned to it. The first time the Client connects to the Application Server, the license corresponding to the Client computer's operating system is automatically assigned to the Client. In case it is not automatically assigned, the license needs to be assigned to the Client manually.

NOTE: Whenever a license is unassigned from a Client, the Client will stop monitoring immediately. 

NOTE: If a serial key is allowed to expire, the corresponding number of licenses is automatically unassigned from Clients.

NOTE: Information about the number of available licenses of each type is displayed on the Serial Key Management page.

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