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The Report Generator

Ad hoc one-time reports can be generated manually on the Report Generator tab (on the Reports page), by a user with the Viewing Monitoring Results permission for Clients.

The main differences between the Report Generator and Scheduled Reports are that the Report Generator is used to generate ad hoc one-time reports manually, and also allows reports to be created for any specific time period, whereas Scheduled Reports are generated multiple times, at the time and frequency specified (although the latter may also be run manually at any time).

After selecting the Report Type required, a description along with a sample image of a report of this type can be viewed in the pane on the right, and a full sample report can be downloaded by clicking the Download PDF Sample button in the bottom right of the page.


NOTE: Only one type of report can be generated at a time using the Report Generator.

NOTE: It may take a while to generate a report for a lengthy time interval and for a large number of Windows Clients.

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