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Windows Client Installation Prerequisites

The majority of Windows Client installation/uninstallation issues are caused by incorrect system or network settings.

For successful installation of Windows Clients, the environment for remote installation first needs to be set up to meet the following preconditions before installation:

 The remote computer must be online and accessible via the network.

 Shared folders need to be accessible on the remote computer. The Sharing Wizard must be disabled if the computer is in a workgroup (for domain computers this requirement can be skipped).

 You need to know the domain administrator or local administrator account credentials for the remote computer.

 The Server and the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system services must be running on the remote computer.

 The Windows Server 2003 Firewall must be properly configured on the remote computer during remote installation of the Clients.

On Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2012 Firewall, inbound connections must be allowed in the Remote Service Management (RPC) rule for the remote computers, and the File and Printer Sharing checkbox needs to be enabled (in this case it is not necessary to disable Windows Firewall).

 Due to the SHA-256 code signing on Windows 7 SP1, on this operating system, Microsoft Security Advisory update 3033929 needs to be installed:

 When running the EkranServer service under a user account, rather than under the LocalSystem account, make sure you assign the required permissions to this user account.

Remote UAC must be disabled on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

In Windows Firewall on the server side, allow the Application Server executable to accept TCP connections via port 9447 (for the connection between the Application Server and the Clients).

NOTE: These rules will be added to Windows Firewall automatically if Windows Firewall is enabled during server installation.

Make sure that all the preconditions listed above are met to avoid possible problems with remote installation of Clients.

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